The Randolph Theatre consists of a main floor level as well as a balcony level.

Seating capacity is 518; 263 on the main floor and 255 in the balcony.

For LLBO Special Occasion Permit purposes, the allowed room capacity is 250
(Lobby and Concession areas only, no liquor permitted in the main auditorium).
LLBO Premise Registration Number is 6544.

The theatre has a barrel vault ceiling rising to over 40. Stage depth 31, useable width 42. The grid is suspended at 20(+/- 12) above stage. The maximum distributed load on the grid is not to exceed 7900 lbs. Travellers for cyc and velours are installed upstage and midstage. Some velour legs are available in black and red.

The theatre has 72 channels of lighting dimmers installed, with DMX input and Horizon digital control. Lighting inventory is attached. There is normally a house lighting plot.

The AC power supply is 3 phase 208v, 200amp, with E-1018 camlok connectors in the dimmer room for additional equipment.

The sound system has a Yamaha M7 digital mixer. The PA system has SLS Array speakers, Subs and Stage Monitors.

There is a baby grand piano in the house.

The concession is located at the back of house left.

Public washrooms are in the basement, front of house right.

Dressing room and green room facilities are backstage right. There is out-of-house crossover with entrances backstage right, center and left, and both sides at balcony level.

Scale drawings are available by request.

The balcony is accessed by two staircases; there is no elevator access to the balcony.



Seating capacity 100.

The Box Office and theatre entrance are from Bathurst Street, on the South of the building, only open when a production is in progress.

Ceiling height 31. Lighting pipes are mounted on the walls at balcony and upper levels.

AC power supply for lighting; 100amps, 3 phase, with camlok E1018 connectors. Worklights, dimmers and basic lighting are installed.

Theatrical lighting equipment is available on-site.

The sound system has a 12 Channel Mixer and 3-way main speakers, with accessories. Kawai Upright Piano.

Public washrooms are at the back of House Left.

Dressing Room facilities are at balcony level, stage right.

There is out-of-house crossover with entrances backstage right and left, both sides at balcony level, and from the back of the house.

Scale drawings are available by request.